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Belec Compact Port

The Belec Compact Port is the best mobile oes instrument on the market for non-destructive testing and quality control professionals. As a lightweight spectrometer, the Belec Compact Port is capable of performing inspection duties that no other mobile oes unit on the market can do. From analyzing light elements in steel to meeting the needs of oil and gas operators, the Compact Port is the best instrument for the job.

Any Steel, Any Time.

316L full chemical analysis

  • The only Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Mobile OES instrument on the market

  • Weighing only 33 pounds for man portable operation

  • Capable of analyzing light elements such as Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Boron and Nitrogen

  • The only instrument in the world capable of testing for Silicon in Carbon Steel up to 700° Fahrenheit

  • The only instrument in the world capable of determining Carbon values in steel at 400° Fahrenheit for hot tapping applications

We offer the following services with each instrument purchase.

  • 3 days of on site training

  • 1 day of additional training 30 days after installation

  • 24 hour service response call or 10% off next PM

  • Loaner Fe based unit at no charge if a unit is under warranty (based on availability)

Download the Compact Port Brochure, view the demonstration videos on Mobile OES or click HERE for more info

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