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Non-Destructive Tensile & Yield Measurement

The ability to test for material  strength properties in the field has been a great advancement in monitoring critical components for remaining service life.

The new PHMSA regulations for the integrity management of gas and liquid pipelines is a great example of the practical application of the Frontics AIS 2100.

This system can measure the remaining or current tensile and yield strength of a gas transmission pipe allowing the operator to maintain service, while verifying the materials ability to comply with the API alloy grade that is required for the pipelines maximum allowable operating pressure/MAOP.

This data can then be used for material grade documentation should the pipe be in a high conseqeunce area and not have proper construction material test reports.

In fact, used with portable OES systems, you can produce a Mill Test Report non-destructively in the field without interruption of the flow of gas or liquids.

Frontics can rent, lease or sell you these systems.

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